Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Promise from the Heart III

This is getting stupid now.

Some of you might remember Labor's document "Barry O'Farrell's 100 Broken Promises" that I wrote about here.

It was a stupid document - when there are perfectly legitimate reasons to attack O'Farrell's government, why publish a document that clearly overreaches?  All that does is cement a belief that Labor don't really have any legitimate basis for feeling aggrieved.

Clearly the lesson was never learnt:
Document can be found here
I'm not going to spend my time going through it promise by promise - having looked through it, I can assure you that the same comments I made about the original applies: it is a document that could be damaging for the Liberals, but that attack is blunted by overreach from Labor.

A few examples:
And that's just a selection of the overreaching and, in come cases, plain misleading claims in the first 40 so called "Broken Promises".

If you're interested, you can go through the document yourself and let me know what you find.

It just baffles me why Labor would blunt a legitimate attack by what amounts to little more than padding.  When I asked O'Farrell what he thought about the original "100 Promises" document, he had this to say (read from the bottom):
I think he's right.  Perhaps if Labor spent a little more time trying to advance an alternative agenda rather than wasting time on this kind of document (which, lets me honest, no one besides wonks and jounros is going to read) Labor poll numbers might be showing a little more life.


  1. When so much of the information our politicians give out is difficult, if not darn right impossible to fully understand. I just can't understand why those people paid to creat spin, generate information which distorts the plain simple truth into something else. When the truth is all that was needed. Are our politicians so addicted to lies/spin they are unable to function without it? Edward James

  2. Why they get paid to create spin?? That easy. If you examine the whole philosophy of the right wing, even Wikipedia, by definition states:

    "Inequality is viewed by the Right as inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable"

    While I do not believe that the Labor party is particularly good, you have to understand that if the truth was ever reliably, and without bias, reported, the liberal party (and their equivalents) would NEVER get into parliament again. The stats which show just how concentrated wealth is on our planet are staggering (just do a goggle search, there is plenty of info) and for this reason alone the liberal's/rich people's goal of the rich getting richer means that they have to wage a constant war of mistruth's, lies, and muddying of the waters to keep the 'average person' from making decisions based on real facts- they just cannot afford for this to happen.

  3. As a Liberal voter I am sorry to say that Barry O'Farrell and Julia Gillard are tarred with the same brush. All spin, plenty of promises but no delivery.Perhaps Barry is slightly ahead of Julia in that he does not waste money ,he just does NOTHING.