Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Hemp in the Road

So are we going to be seeing cannabis for sale in pharmacies soon? Will we be seeing shelves packed with Maxalon, Maltrexone and Marijuana?

I doubt it.

This week the General Purpose Standing Committee Number 4 released a report containing some recommendations that got the media a little hot and bothered.
The first thing to note about the report is that it was a unanimous report. The members of the committee are listed below:
I don't have time go to through the entire report (for the same reason that there aren't as many posts appearing on this blog as I would like at the moment - TIME!) but the main recommendation of the report is:
I'm sure you will forgive me doubting that this government has the courage to do anything as intelligent as that.

NSW has a long history of populist, even stupid Laura Norda policies. Both sides of politics have been guilty of it. I don't know whether it says more about the voters or the politicians, but it's true. I was therefore thoroughly unsurprised when I saw this news appear:
Full story on the ABC website
Further down:
And there you go. A nice report that go everybody a little excited, but no actual enthusiasm for change. It doesn't matter that three Coalition Upper House Members have their name on it - my tip is that the report will be given "thoughtful study" and then promptly disappear without a trace.

How very unlike NSW.

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