Friday, March 15, 2013

Lost for Words

I am utterly speechless.

Today this appeared, in response to the "stated case" amendments I blogged about earlier this week:
Full story here
When I wrote my last post, I had assumed that the changes must have had the backing of the DPP. Defence lawyers may think it is a bad idea, but surely the government wouldn't force this change through if the DPP also opposed the change?

You can then imagine my reaction when I read this:
Surely they are exaggerating? How many groups were actually involved in the discussion?

Which all begs the question - is there ANYONE who thinks this is a good idea?

I can't say for certain. But I do note that NSW Police were not part of the working group that indicated its overwhelming opposition to the change. Change that is proceeding despite that overwhelming opposition.

Which begs the question - who exactly is running this show?

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