Saturday, June 22, 2013


I've decided to take bring this blog back from what was meant to be a short holiday to announce that I'm going to be retiring it permanently.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Firstly, I'm writing elsewhere a lot at the moment, including monthly at the Kings Tribune (which you should totally subscribe to, by the way), whenever I have time at AusVotes2013, and monthly for the NSW Law Society Journal.

There is also a major, long-term project I'm investigating taking on, but I'm going to keep quiet about that until I know it is actually going to happen.

All that other writing means that time (and, more importantly, brain space) has been in short supply. This has made writing here a bit of a chore, to be honest, and has meant that the quality of the writing has not been as good as I really want it to be.

It's exciting for me to see how much my writing has improved since I started this blog. Don't go check the old posts, just take my word for it. Some of them were pretty awful. It's been fun getting better at something I enjoyed doing, and I appreciate everyone who has encouraged me or engaged.

I'll still be on twitter, and I'm not going to delete the blog - it can hang out here gathering dust. Thanks for reading, and I hope I'll keep seeing you around the traps.



  1. Well, thank you. I was really starting to enjoy your writing. Good luck with your plans...

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